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Bulk WhatsApp Text / VCard / Images / Videos / Audio: Marketing Service

We are Bulk WhatsApp Text, VCard, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing Service Provider based in Delhi NCR and leader in providing Bulk WhatsApp SMS, VCard, Images, Audio, Videos messaging / marketing solutions in India. We provide International WhatsApp Marketing and India WhatsApp Marketing as a service. As Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos, Audio Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers where ever they are with just click of Send Button!

WhatsApp Online Plan Features as:- .
  • 100% Delivery on WhatsApp Number
  • Separate User ID Password
  • 1 SMS = 1 Text, 4 Images, 1 Pdf, 1 Vacrd, 1 Video & 1 Audio
  • WhatsApp Number Filter Tool.
  • WhatsApp deliver timing minimum 15 minute to 8 hour
  • Delivery Report will update in 24 hour after campaign
  • Excel Report GenerateE
  • 24x7 Support in case any queries .

Being a lowest cost Bulk WhatsApp SMS, VCard, Images, Videos - service provider we offer BulkWhatsApp Text, VCard, Images, Audio, Videos - MARKETING SERVICE at unbeatable low rates

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